Thursday, July 26, 2018


If you are a dachshund parent, you know your doxie pretty well (that is, as much as we can get inside those little brains of theirs). Do you mostly understand what they're thinking, or are they usually a step or two ahead of you? Here are some doxies that are conveying SOMETHING. What do you think they're thinking??

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


It's pretty amazing that there are so many dachshund memes out there--but on the other hand, doxies are perfect for humorous memes, because they are natural comedians.

Have you ever laughed at your doxie when he/she did something silly? In my experience, our laughter just spurs them on to be even more outrageous! They love their humans and want our approval (that is, unless the doxie is being his stubborn little self,  doing what HE wants to do!).

Not only do our dachshunds act silly, they have so many facial expressions that convey exactly what they feel. I think a doxie most likely invented the stink eye! Here are examples of that:

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And now, on to humorous doxie memes for you today ~ which one is your favorite?

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Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em, because they make us laugh! It's hard to be upset when you have a doxie (unless, of course, he/she just chewed up your new, expensive Italian leather shoes).

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


It always makes me laugh when I see doxies yawn--they put everything they have into it! They resemble crocodiles during a yawn, don't you agree?

Here are some cute yawning doxies for you:

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Granddawg Sunny demonstrating a full yawn

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The stages of a doxie yawn

Very satisfying yawn

This one could be singing . . .,

Does your doxie do big yawns? In any case, they're very cute to me.

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em!

Monday, July 16, 2018


Dachshunds who think they are royalty:

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"I'd like my treat served on a fine china saucer and
covered with a linen napkin. Thank you."

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"Here's my idea of a 'balanced' diet"

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"Are you photographing my good side?"

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em, even if they do own the place!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Friday, July 6, 2018


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We all know that July 4 was our country's Independence Day, but it was also my hubby Clark's birthday!  We had a cookout with grilled chicken strips, hamburgers, and hot dogs, along with baked beans, fried okra (we ARE in the South, you know), crispy potato rounds, cole slaw, chili (for the burgers and dogs), plus the two desserts. Everything was so good!

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Homemade banana pudding and a chocolate
cake with blackberry filling! Our daughter
Holly outdid herself on these
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Granddawg Bruno wanted some!

Have a great weekend, doxie lovers!

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