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I AM SARGE,  Book 1- Second Edition
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"I am Sarge the super dog, named after my Papa Duke, who was a sergeant in the Army-and I am very proud of my special name. I was a scared little puppy when Mama and Daddy adopted me at eight weeks of age, but quite a handsome and intelligent dachshund now."

I'm known as a chow hound extraordinaire, and believe me, I have earned the title! Papa calls me his granddawg, and I know I'll do great and mighty things someday. Grandma says I'm not only a granddawg, but also a grand dog.

I have lived through some zany times in this family.  All in all, my humans are tricky to figure out, 'cause they don't always say what they mean-but I can handle them. After all, I AM SARGE.

A heartwarming tale of family, joy, 
good food, and unconditional love, Sarge's story 
will bring warmth and smiles to readers of all ages.

Reader review on
"I have two dachshunds and this book had a lot of my own dachshunds' personality; reading this was a joy! I sometimes thought, 'My dogs do that!' and I had to laugh a lot reading this book.  If you own a dachshund, get this book.  It  is written in a true dachshund form, or if you love dogs, it a fun book to read." 

Reader review on Facebook:
"I love this book!  It is well written, and I can't wait to read the next one."
Kristy Smith Davis


I AM DACHSHUND, Book 2 - Second Edition

Reader review on Amazon:
"Having 3 dachshunds myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Sarge, the dachshund, was the narrator of this story . . . The author definitely kept my interest.

“My take on life is this: stand up for yourself, be courageous and loyal to those you love, and never pass up a chance to consume good human food. I want the world to know that I AM DACHSHUND—the guardian, the sentinel, the keeper of everything my family holds dear!” 
My all-out favorite human by far is my Papa Duke, and wow, can he tell some stories! The “Alligator Story” and the “Haystack Story” from his Army days are new tales I heard him tell our family. How he’s managed to live through such exciting experiences is amazing—in fact, I think somebody ought to make a movie about him! 
I got to visit Sellars and Renata on their farm in Georgia with Grandma and Papa. Boy, did I have a couple of close calls. For example, my meet-up with mama pig Tenderloin made me scoot out of her pen FAST! Along with that, their farm dog Bubba took his job way too seriously, wasting a lot of time herding their four dinky cows around the field instead of playing with me. How rude! 
I’ve also learned more about cats (like, who would want to know more about them, right?) when I stayed with Uncle Kurt, Aunt Bethany, and their conniving Tate and Joey for a week. That turned out to be my feline boot camp, so I’m “letting the cat out of the bag” (no pun intended) by revealing how cats REALLY act when humans aren’t around! 

Another heartwarming tale of family, joy, good food, and unconditional love, Sarge’s story will bring warmth and smiles to readers of all ages. 




Five-star review on Amazon:
"I love the stories in the book Dachshunds Forever . . . I love Mavis Duke Hinton books. Anything about dachshunds I love to read about. Mavis books are so easy to read and so very enjoyable. I cannot wait until volume 4 comes out."
--Carol Braun

 "A dog just has to accept humans the way they are--they'll never fully understand things that we dogs know instinctively!"                       

Sarge the precocious dachshund continues the chronicle of his own unpredictable dawg’s life, along with his zany family of beloved humans and assorted animals.  He travels out west to Arizona with his doxie pal Duke (and a couple of his humans, of course), sightseeing along the way in a motor home.  He encounters an Elvis impersonator in Memphis, admires cowboys and cattle across Texas, travels through desert in New Mexico, and enjoys mouthwatering regional food along the way.  He’ll have readers wanting to join in it all with him!
 Another heartwarming tale of family, joy, good food, and unconditional love, Sarge's story will bring warmth and smiles to readers of all ages.




“Christmas just isn’t Christmas without family. When Papa got sick and ended up in the hospital, I was so worried that something would happen to him. I decided right then that I would never take my family for granted again.” 

Sarge the doxie is at it again: charming his readers with endearing stories about his zany family of humans and animals. Surprises as well as wistful moments also come to light in this fourth book of THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES. 

Delicious Southern food, described in precise detail, is practically a cherished family member! So prevalent in his stories, food is lovingly represented by Sarge throughout his tale. 
Sarge also relates another humorous fishing story involving Papa and Sellars, begging the question: do they actually catch fish this time? 

A Dachshund’s Tribute is, after all, Sarge’s heartfelt revelation to the world: that dachshunds truly love and appreciate the companionship of humans—however strangely they behave at times!

Another heartwarming tale of family, joy, 
good food, and unconditional love, Sarge’s story 
will bring warmth and smiles to readers of all ages. 




“I have always thought of my life as a MERRY-GO-ROUND because so I’ve had so many escapades with my human and animal family. I really had it made, but something happened to me recently that I’ll never forget—and neither will Mama.”

In this, his final book, Sarge shares his most unforgettable experiences with readers—some humorous, some touching,  and some ridiculous—but all entertaining. Sarge also includes several of his family’s Southern recipes: Bethany’s pecan pie, Nana’s “jam from Alaska,” Mama’s breakfast casserole, Papa’s candied yams, and more. Since all doxies are chow hounds extraordinaire who love human food, he figures readers do, too!
Both children and adults will experience smiles, tears, and even surprise as this appealing doxie amuses them with his doggie attitude and insight. Once again, Sarge’s beloved human characters leap from the pages of his book, forever enshrined in this memoir. From his humans to the animals—Duke his protégé, the six conniving cats, and Gizmo the annoying cockatiel—they all make up his charming but unique family.
Finally, Miss Savannah, their fun-loving friend and superb cook from his previous books, astounds everyone at church with her unexpected news. She will be moving away after inheriting a . . . oh, never mind. Read Sarge’s story to discover what it is!


THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES: The Complete 5 Book Series

Chock full of hilarious antics and doxie wisdom, Sarge the dachshund relates his life from adoption at eight weeks of age until he "retires" from writing at age 15 with Book 5. Dog lovers of all ages love this insight from the family dog, and he pulls no punches in sharing exactly how he feels about humans and life in his "circus," a.k.a. his human family. Those strong doxie traits of loyalty, love, comedy, stubbornness, and love for life are prevalent throughout Sarge's tales of both joy and disappointment, but he rises to all occasions with savvy and keen perception. You won't be disappointed as you ride the roller coaster of Sarge's tales, full of humor and unconditional love.





We all have annoying times, and this little book is for those moments when we need a break from it all. Composed of short pieces ranging from encouragement to humor (and everything in between), there truly is something for everyone within its pages. 

Dog lover? Great ! There’s a section about the dachshunds Ms. Hinton has owned, complete with their antics and unconditional love. Need some commiseration for annoyances you’ve suffered? Then you’ve come to the right place as well. Ranging from exasperating experiences with customer service to pet peeves we all grit our teeth over, you’ll find yourself smiling about “the human condition” common to us all. And for those difficult times of sorrow, discouragement, or despair, Ms. Hinton shares how her Christian faith has personally sustained and uplifted her during such times. 

At some point, the spirited content of this little book will spur readers to take it off the shelf again and read it anew.


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