Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Our moving day is this Friday! Today is the last day I'll post until we are reconnected after we move. We're on the home stretch with our packing, leaving out only essentials for the next few days. We close on our house here tomorrow, our new house on Thursday, and then Friday, MOVING DAY.

Our three grands are coming on Thursday to help us finish up and will help me clean after the movers empty the house. We'll do the hardwood floors, one last swipe at the bathrooms and kitchen, and voila! Out the door we'll go Fri. after lunch.

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Thank you for your patience as I go through what I hope is our FINAL MOVE.  We'll only be 15 minutes from Holly and family, which is a big plus in our book.

Here are our grands, our helpers, plus Holly and me, on Mother's Day:

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See you soon, doxie lovers!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


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That's Bethany with me in the picture above. She was very sick for a couple of days last week with fever, vomiting, etc. Her hubby Kurt took her to urgent care Friday night, and after X-rays and testing, they found that she has bilateral pneumonia. With a weak immune system, we were very concerned about dehydration, but they gave her a breathing treatment, antibiotics, and other meds to help her breathe. She was to go to the doctor as follow up, but at this writing, I don't know the prognosis.

I ask that you pray for her recuperation. They were planning to come East to be with all of us for the summer, so now that's on hold. We want her well first before they make a trip that far from AZ to GA.

Thank you, doxie lovers!

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