Monday, August 3, 2015


We enjoyed having the grands with us for the day last Thursday.  Their mom and dad (our daughter and SIL) wanted to go on a date, so they dropped them by.  Duke, I might add, was overjoyed to see them, too.  And Shadow came along to have some time with Duke.

We took them to Steak and Shake for lunch, which they love.  Their milkshakes are stupendous!  Too bad they're so fattening.  Oh well--they still tasted heavenly.

After lunch, we went to see the Minions movie, which they enjoyed very much.  Grandma?  Not so much.  I know I'm getting older because movies such as this one tend to be more annoying that enjoyable!

Their parents got back to our house around 4:30, and we ordered pizza for dinner--they left for home shortly thereafter.

They are growing up so quickly!  Enjoy the children while you can, because they'll be pursuing their own lives before you know it.

Duke enjoying tug of war

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