Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Book 2 of THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES series, I AM DACHSHUND is listed for $15.26 (paperback) and $4.99 (Kindle) on Amazon today!  Click on the link below for further information:


Sometimes a dog has to put up with a little silliness from humans. People have strange notions and do some of the craziest things, but I don't mind them. I get all the attention I want from Mama, Papa, who's a pastor, and my sweet little baby sister, Annika, who loves my kisses.

But there's one thing lacking . . . people food. I love people food. After you've had it, that dried-up dog food tastes like cardboard. That's why I count on my absolute favorite person in the world, Papa, who calls me his "Granddawg," and his best friend, Sellars. They've been known to slip me the good stuff now and then, when Mama and Grandma aren't looking.

Most dogs just lie around, passively accepting what comes their way, watching the world go by. That sounds suspiciously like a cat to me. I want the world to know I AM DACHSHUND--the guardian, the sentinel, the keeper of everything my family holds dear . . . .

Fall in love with Sarge, the quintessential dachshund, and laugh along with his foibles and humorous escapades.

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