Friday, July 13, 2012


Oh, we all love Fridays, whether or not we are in school or a part or the work force.  When I was a child, Friday the 13th was even touted as a "bad luck day," but I honestly never noticed it being any different from other days.  As a Christian, I don't believe in luck, but people still like to mention today as one of those days to watch out for!

There's no harm in that--much of the comments are merely in fun, anyway.  Even though I am no longer a part of the work force "out there," I still love Fridays.  Of course, my hubby is off tomorrow, and that's great.  And I do work part time online with no weekend work.  Soooo, Fridays are still days of anticipation toward weekends for doing things we enjoy, attending church, taking a nap if desired, etc.

With it being summer, many folks are headed to the beach, mountains, or vacation, since school will be starting next month for most families.  Some children attend year-round schools, but do get a few weeks off in summer, anyway.  Working is a part of the fabric of our society, but many have been laid off in recent years, downsized, had their hours cut--whatever you want to call it, and I pray for all who are still seeking work.  My brother was cut last fall after working for a company for over 30 years.  He just found another job a few weeks ago in the same field, thankfully, but with fewer responsibilities--which he likes.

Happy Friday (in general), people! 

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