Tuesday, January 25, 2011


"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart:  I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."  Jeremiah 1:5 NIV

Every time I see a TV commercial about saving the whales or stopping the abuse of animals (and these are worthy projects), I yell at the TV: " WHAT ABOUT THE INNOCENT BABIES??"

Roe v. Wade was handed down in 1973 (see  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roe_v._Wade) and this is a controversial subject.  However, isn't anything that is in line with biblical principles controversial?  And it always has been down through the ages.

Depriving life from our generation of the unborn--I don't care what name proponents call it--is the taking of innocent lives. The question ALWAYS comes up:  "Well, what about rape?"  These are a tiny percentage of all the babies aborted, but I reply with a question of my own:  "Is it the baby's fault that he/she was conceived?"  That soul has a right to life, and although "it is a choice," the baby cannot choose.  We are supposed to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  We do it for whales, birds, all manner of endangered species--but society in general finds it acceptable  to do away with babies.  Why?  There are so many reasons, but that old reliable, SIN, is the reason.

Saw a thought-provoking bumper sticker a few years ago:  WHAT IF YOUR MOTHER HAD HAD AN ABORTION?  I cannot fathom why so many people are not bothered by this issue.  They cry over a puppy that was run over by a car, but don't bat an eye over millions of babies' deaths. 

"Abortion is a God issue, and I think the first way you see that is in Psalm 139 where it says 'I am fearfully and wonderfully made' (verse 14). And the language that is used is that a baby is knit together in its mother's womb. Well who's the knitter? The knitter is not nature. The knitter is God, which means that what's happening in a woman's tummy is that God is at work. God is making a human being.

"Now, you don't mess with that. You just don't get in God's face and say, 'Let me at it! I'm going to take it out! I'm going to chop it into pieces.' You don't do that. " 

--quoted by permission from John Piper, http://www.desiringGod.org/

Let's pray, work, and support those right-to-life organizations and crisis pregnancy centers out there.  We must stop this generation's version of the holocaust, defined as "any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life."  This issue is too important to simply pay lip service to it or even ignore it altogether--it simply won't "go away"--we must get involved!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


And this post gets us to the crux of the matter:  dachshunds truly believe what is written below!  Once again, I did not originate them--but they reveal a lot about our beloved dachshunds.

Will train any human to perform the following basic obedience commands:
"Behind our sweet, innocent faces lurk
minds like steel traps!"

1. Fetch me a treat.

2. Rub my belly.

3. Pick up my poop.

4. Wipe my feet.

5. Speak baby talk.

6. Throw the ball.

7. Don't hog the bed.

8. Give me a kiss.

9. Buy me a toy.

10. Fetch me a treat (this one's worth repeating).

Monday, January 17, 2011


"Yes, this is MY couch."

These house rules are included here for your edification, doxie lovers.  They originated from someone else who happens to know dachshunds extremely well!
~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~
I live here. You don't.

■I am keeper of this house. The BOSS around here is ME. I have supreme and final authority at all times.


■I am LONG, LEAN and HANDSOME. I am DASHING, DAZZLING, and DEBONAIR. Although I AM VERY HOT STUFF, I am NOT a hot dog and I am NOT a wiener dog.

■I am so WELL BRED that I am practically an ARISTOCRAT. I am playful. I am SWEET. I am stubborn. I am HUNGRY (did you bring me any treats?). I am GREAT. And I am very, very MODEST.

■THIS IS MY HOME. Everything in it belongs to me. That means the toys are mine, the bones are mine, the couch and love seat are mine, the beds, the humans and EVERYTHING ELSE ARE MINE.

■Be advised your visit to my home will be greatly enhanced if you bring me presents or feed me treats. If you neglect to bring me toys, gifts, or treats, you will probably not be invited back. Hint. Hint.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


"Hmmm . . . what can I
chew up now?"
I didn't write these "laws," but I've included them here in case you've missed them along the way.  I suspect you'll chuckle in agreement at the these points that clearly illustrate the inner workings of the dachshund mind:

1. If I like it, it's mine.

2. If it's in my mouth, it's mine.

3. If I can take it from you, it's mine.

4. If I had it a little while ago, it's mine.

5. If it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way.

6. If I'm chewing something up, all the pieces are mine.
7. If it just looks like mine, it's mine.

8. If I saw it first, it's mine.

9. If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.

10. If it's broken, it's yours.

"Just try to take this
ball away from me!"

Saturday, January 8, 2011


 impersonating Rapunzel
MDH:  Welcome back, doxie lovers.  This dear doxie informed us last time about his life, his activities, and his secrets *laughs*.  Today, he will answer more readers' questions (and keep those questions coming, folks).  However, since many of the questions pertain to his latest book, I AM DACHSHUND, we'll have him answer some of those.  Take it away!

SARGE:  I'm not quite sure where I'm supposed to take "it," but I'll do my best *chuckles*.   Ahem . . . after that droll remark, I'll try to stay on topic better. 

MDH:  Quite all right, my boy, quite all right.  A bit of humor now and then never hurts, so we appreciate your willingness to liven things up around here.  Well, then, let's not try our audience's patience, so here's our first question regarding I AM DACHSHUND:  "Since you haven't lived all THAT long, so why a second book about your short young life?"  This question comes from a gentleman in New York, Mr. Clifton.

SARGE:  Oh, but I have so much to say about my family and friends!  If I only told about one year with them, I could probably fill up a book with all our comings and goings, humorous things that happen to us, and especially my other animal friends in this book.  And, keep in mind that dog years move a lot more quickly than human years, so it seems.  Duke the other doxie in our family makes his appearance, and Piper the cat joins the family (much to my chagrin).  There's even a new baby to contend with in this book, so I stay pretty busy just keeping tabs on everyone.

MDH:  Sounds like a three-ring circus, but I'm sure you are up for it, obviously.  Joanne in Virginia asks, "What is your favorite chapter in I AM DACHSHUND?"

SARGE:  Ahhh . . . all of them!  *winks*  Seriously, I'm kinda leaning toward the chapters involving my two new cat friends, Tate and Joey, a.k.a. the Fuzz Brothers, as I have affectionately dubbed them.  In the book I spend a week with Kurt and Bethany, my "aunt" and "uncle," and those two cats are theirs.  We have quite an adventure, I might add.  Cats are simply not like dogs.  I've heard that all my life, but now I know firsthand how cunning and sneaky they can be.

MDH:  Sorry, cat lovers out there!  This doxie does speak his mind, and  we understand his viewpoint as a dog, of course.  Next, a self-proclaimed "old Army veteran," Dick Boggs from Kentucky wants to know if I AM DACHSHUND contains any of Papa Duke's stories--he thoroughly enjoyed them in the first book.  His favorite was the fishing story.
Dressed as a "bride"
SARGE:  Of course!  Papa Duke does share a war story or two, one of which involves a haystack, a couple of other crazy things that happened to him, and of course his creative ways to slip food to me under the table without Holly knowing about it *smiling*.  I tell you, I wish I had known Papa personally.  Just writing about him is so enjoyable, I feel as if he's my special friend.

MDH:  He had that effect on dogs.  And all dogs just gravitated toward his wide grin, big hands and heart, as well as his robust laugh.  One last question from a reader in Alabama.  Bill wants to know if there will be any books following I AM DACHSHUND.

SARGE:  I plan on writing at least one more book in the series . . . I'm even thinking of letting Duke collaborate with me.  We've interacted a lot lately, and I think the dawg could carry his weight.  He looks upon cats like I do, he knows my family and friends, of course, so we could probably create a fitting chronicle.

MDH:  It was a pleasure having you with us once again.  Oh, I almost forgot to ask:  you told us last time that you had been invited to star in a dog food commercial in the U.K.  Has that come to fruition yet?

SARGE:  My people have been negotiating terms with their people, so it is still in the works.  Maybe it will have taken place the next time I'm here.  At this point in time, I cannot reveal much about the project, except to say that it will be quite a departure from regular dog food commercials.  You know what I mean--an unseen human places a bowl of X Dog Food on the floor, and said dog (who has probably been starved for three days!) comes galloping into the kitchen and begins gobbling up that yummy food.  Nope, I won't lower myself in such a fashion.  I'll be more like a movie star in this commercial!  Wow--I'd better stop while I'm ahead, or I'll reveal too much.

MDH:  Thanks again, and we look forward to having you back in the near future--you'll be able to discuss your next book in the works more fully since a lot of people will have heard more about it.

SARGE:  My pleasure.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today our grandson Asher is ten months old!  Our daughter Holly captured his wonderful smile and fun-loving personality below.  He truly is a ray of sunshine who brings light to every spot--it is pure joy to watch him grow, explore his world, and respond to everything around him.  His delightful laugh could cure a myriad of ills (I say that as an objective bystander/expert, of course :).

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