Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Sunny is a feisty thing, but sweet, too
Yesterday, I posted Sunny's fur siblings (all five), but today I wanted to feature her fur "cousins." You may recall "The Fuzz Brothers," Tate and Joey, from THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES series. They're still going strong, along with their fur brother now, Winston. They are all rescues and belong to our daughter Bethany and hubby Kurt, who travel full time in an RV. The cats go, too, and Tate especially loves watching the world go by as they travel. 

Without further ado, here they are:

Tate, a sweet "elder statesman" of the kitty trio, called "Fuzz
Ball" by Sarge. Not a Norwegian forest cat like Piper,
they are both still sweet boys who reign supreme 

Joey, the beautiful Siamese whom Sarge dubbed "Slick." He's a
tad shy until he gets to know you. He and Aslan have
some similar qualities, both being Siamese

Winston, who came on the scene in time for Book 5. He's
a mackerel tabby like his orange cousin Thor, and they
have the same personality: feisty!

We don't get to see these boys very often since Kurt's job is based in Phoenix (they've been traveling in the Pacific Northwest this year), but we'll see them the first of the year. We can't wait to see them, and especially Kurt and Bethany.

Wonder what Sunny will think of her three cat cousins?
Fur babies . . . you gotta love 'em!

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