Thursday, November 17, 2016


That's right--they'll be here tonight! Bethany, our youngest daughter, and Kurt, our son-in-law, now travel full time in their RV. They'll be here until the end of the month. Here are some photos:


Their RV and their Smart Car, which fits into
the garage area of the Thor Outlaw RV

Their three kitties travel with them, too:

Joey relaxing

Winston trying out the new
kitty bed

Tate enjoying his surroundings

Our family hasn't been under one roof since Christmas 2015, so you can understand why we are all so excited to be together again. Bethany loves southern fried okra, so she told me to be sure to stock up:

Image result for fried okra

And, our Thanksgiving meal is always one of our favorites:

Image result for thanksgiving dinner

I am certain that Holly, Bethany, and I will be sure to do something silly, and the grands will join right in:

What can I say? They got all this from me!
Admiring huge slices of cake (which
they shared) at a local restaurant

The hubbies? Not so much. They're much more "mature" than we women are. But we have more fun!

All in all, we'll have a marvelous time giving thanks and being together.

Christmas 2015

And Duke will be right in
the middle of everything!

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