Monday, December 8, 2014


Last night, we had the privilege of watching our grandchildren participate in their Christmas program at their church.  UNFROZEN, the story of Christmas, is taken from the popular movie FROZEN.

Our daughter Holly wrote Christian words to LET IT GO, entitled LET THEM KNOW.  She also wrote words for DO YOU WANT TO MEET A SAVIOR to the tune of DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN.

Asher, age 4, was the youngest child in the program, and his part was GUY WITH A REINDEER.  He added quite a bit of cuteness to the overall program (speaking as an objective bystander, of course).

Annika and Alexa were the two princesses in the story, Olga and Annie.  They had both singing and speaking parts, and daughter Holly directed.  So thankful that our grandchildren are involved in learning about the Lord in this way!


Annika, Asher, Alexa
Daughter Holly with the grands

Clark, Alexa, moi

Grandma and Asher, "Mutual Admiration Society"

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