Thursday, October 24, 2013


 Yes, Duke is the "culprit of the day."  Before we got a dachshund back in 2007, I had commented that I wanted a dog with personality.  Boy, did I get my wish!

Every time he gets a bath--and I do mean EVERY SINGLE TIME--after I dry him off with a towel, he has running fits!  He zooms through the living room, down the hallway, around a chair in one of the guest rooms, and back out to where we are.  He then stares at one of us, waiting for us to "get" him, with his posterior up in the air, front paws down, the classic dog pose for playing.  If I stomp my foot, he's off again!  Does that for a few minutes, then settles down. 

Beforehand, he hides when he hears me running his bath water.  How he knows that I'm gonna bathe him and not the fresh vegetables, I don't know.  He tolerates the bath fairly well; oh, he doesn't like it, but at least he'll stand still while I pour water over his back, soap him up, rinse him off, and repeat. 

Once I begin letting the water out of the sink or tub, he starts wanting to get out.  I make him wait, of course, until I wrap him up in a large, soft towel and head to the living room.  I sit down on the couch with him in my lap as I finish drying him as much as possible.  When I let him down, he shakes himself as only a dog can do, rounding off the action with his wiggly tail.  How do they do that??  Then, he's off, having his running fits!

Do other dogs do this?  I'd love to hear from readers about their dogs' reaction to baths.  Leave a comment below.

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