Friday, September 13, 2013


This blog has been going through some difficult times for the past couple of weeks!  I recently started a new website, and this blog had been a subdomain for my domain name for a few years now.

Well, starting a new website and having my domain name pointed to it caused this blog to be unavailable during that time.  In fact, if you tried to access it, you probably received the HTTP 404 error, "not found."  This situation was very frustrating for me, a person who knows just enough about domains, subdomains, etc., to be dangerous :).

My website provider had been delving into my problem, and just today determined that this blog as a subdomain just will not work with my new website and my domain name pointing to it. 

 Perhaps in reading this post, you are now suffering from TMI (too much information).  However, "I'm back" now, and will have to start over in building up web traffic to this blog.  There's nothing else to be done. 

So, if you wish to help it get back, search for - and it will come up. 

I'll keep providing cute dachshund pics, the occasional rants, and other things on my mind.  Thanks for sticking with me!

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