Friday, September 27, 2013


Our daughter Bethany is here from Arizona this week, and we all visited the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta yesterday.  It was gorgeous!  We saw the dolphin show, tropical fish, sea otters, whale sharks, piranhas, electric eels, an alligator . . . well, I'll let the photos below tell the story.  I want to add, however, that in grandson Asher's words:  "This place is amazing!"

albino alligator
touching sting ray

ready for dolphin show!

searching for Nemo

found Dori

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Our youngest daughter Bethany is here from AZ for a visit this week, and it is wonderful to see her again--the last time was when my mother passed away in January.  We had been telling Duke for days that she was coming, but he would look at us, bewildered, as if to say, "I know that name, but I just can't place who it is." 

Her first evening here, he kept staring at her, but soon warmed up to her and wanted to give her his usual greeting:  lots of doggie kisses!  Here he is, sitting on my lap and staring at her:

Now, all he wants to do is follow her around and jump up in her lap when she sits down.  It doesn't take him long to warm up to anyone.  What a watch dog he's turned out to be :).

Monday, September 23, 2013

SORRY, MR. POE . . .

My daughter shared this cartoon with me, and I thought it was so humorous that I had to post it here.  I believe the terminology has changed to bipolar, however . . .

Now, I realize that as an English teacher, my sense of humor might be quite different from those who aren't bent toward literature.  No matter--I'm enjoying it myself, even if no one else does!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, September 14, 2013



We recently moved to the suburbs of Atlanta, and in our new home is a breakfast nook.  "Aha," I thought to myself.  "This is the perfect place for utilizing my mother's small table."

A round antique table that opens to an oval shape, it seats four people comfortably.  Unfortunately, the top (a dark stained wood) got scratched in the move, like much furniture does, even with great care and precautions. Not to be defeated, I simply covered it with an inexpensive tablecloth and other decor, and it looks just fine for daily dining, even with the grandchildren.  We are also using my mother's chairs with it.

Why write a post about a lowly table?  I'm thrilled that you asked, because if that table could talk, there are so many things it could share!  Just eating a meal at that table causes so many great memories to flood into my mind that I had to write about it.

My parents bought that table at an antique shop when my dad was stationed in Bremerhaven, Germany, when I was about ten or eleven.  It first graced the hall of our Army quarters there, a well-appointed, three-bedroom, THIRD FLOOR apartment (there were 64 stairs up to it, and there was no elevator), with all the furnishings provided by the military.  My mother loved that table, often adding crocheted doilies (the style in the fifties), small antique "doodads," and such on it. 
We often had to put the table, along with other furniture, in storage because of lack of space when we lived in smaller quarters.  The next time I remember its being in use was in their home after Dad retired from the Army.  With the table opened to its current oval shape, it was used for many family dinners and fun times.  I stated earlier that it seated four comfortably--but at meals in my parents' home, we would pull up other chairs, stools--what have you--sometimes having eight people around it in close fellowship!

Friday, September 13, 2013


This blog has been going through some difficult times for the past couple of weeks!  I recently started a new website, and this blog had been a subdomain for my domain name for a few years now.

Well, starting a new website and having my domain name pointed to it caused this blog to be unavailable during that time.  In fact, if you tried to access it, you probably received the HTTP 404 error, "not found."  This situation was very frustrating for me, a person who knows just enough about domains, subdomains, etc., to be dangerous :).

My website provider had been delving into my problem, and just today determined that this blog as a subdomain just will not work with my new website and my domain name pointing to it. 

 Perhaps in reading this post, you are now suffering from TMI (too much information).  However, "I'm back" now, and will have to start over in building up web traffic to this blog.  There's nothing else to be done. 

So, if you wish to help it get back, search for - and it will come up. 

I'll keep providing cute dachshund pics, the occasional rants, and other things on my mind.  Thanks for sticking with me!

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