Monday, July 22, 2013


"Mama says we're moving to another state this coming weekend, and I'm supposed to tell you that she won't be posting on here for awhile.  All I understand about this is that Mama and Daddy have boxes all over the house and they keep putting stuff in them--even my toys!

"We are going to be closer to the grandchildren, and my good buddies Shadow, Piper, and
Aslan (another doxie and two cats in our family).  I like that.

"Meanwhile, I'm just trying to stay out of the way so they won't put me into a box, too!"  --Duke

Piper and Aslan

I thought it would be fun to have Duke tell all of you out there our news that we're moving.  I had forgotten how much fun packing ISN'T!!  We've only lived in this house eight years, but that's a record for us.  We want to be closer to family; since my mother passed away in January, we have no family here.

I'll be back online in a couple of weeks, Lord willing.  Until then, much to do!!

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