Friday, August 31, 2012


Several readers I met at a recent book signing asked that I keep readers posted on the status of DACHSHUNDS FOREVER, Book 3 of THE DACHSHUNDS ESCAPADES, so I promised I would.  Therefore, here's my update:

TA DA!!  The book is now with the publisher awaiting publication!

Bat impression!

i have written in more of Papa Duke's stories, Sarge's encounter with "Elvis," his long RV trip out west, his take on several of his human family's birthday parties, and his training and mentoring of Duke.


I think they would work rather well, don't you?

Saturday, August 25, 2012


. . . to share some pictures of our sweet grandchildren!  School just started a week ago, and the granddaughters were very excited at the prospect.  Asher, our two-year-old grandson, was running around telling everyone he was going to "preschool," which, of course, he is too young to attend.  He just wanted to be big like them :).

Three sweetie pies

Two mermaids

Bathing beauties

The many faces of Asher:  quite
Norman Rockwellian

Two going on twelve

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Our grandson Asher and our granddawg Shadow are enjoying the waning days of summer together.  Asher is two and Shadow (upon whom the Sarge in my books is based) is eleven.  They are good buddies and love spending time together.  We love 'em both!

Friday, August 17, 2012


I have been known to include snippets of conversations--even entire scenarios--in my books, so watch out!

Monday, August 13, 2012


I love sarcasm!  Not to hurt or offend others, but the biting wit that often accompanies such really makes me smile.

What about you?


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Now I don't normally have weird things happen while eating in a restaurant, but then there was that time when the little sour cream package squirted me in the face.  I'm just fortunate that way.

We've been on vacation this past week, and I had a "Perils of Pauline" moment when we stopped for lunch in Tallulah Falls, Georgia.  Nice, quaint little town where Tallulah Gorge is located.  People, for some reason, wish to climb up and down that gorge, even go on canoes in the river there.  Odd.  The restaurant decor consisted of paddles in different shapes, sizes, and colors.  I felt out of place.

I ordered a hand-pattied burger cooked medium well.  When it arrived, it looked delicious, with lettuce, tomato, and red onion, specialty bun, homemade potato salad.  However, when I bit into that burger, I'm surprised it didn't start mooing because it was way undercooked for my liking.  The outside of the patty was done, but only the outside quarter inch edge--the rest was red and not very warm at all.  So, I asked the waitress to have it cooked some more.  She smilingly complied.

While I was waiting for my recooked burger (or should I say "cooked" burger), a fly meandered over to our table and jumped into my iced tea, did several laps around the ice cubes at the top, then decided to fly back out.  Hmmmm.  I decided that I didn't want to drink that tea, because flies are filthy and I didn't want the germs.  I mean, who knows where that fly had been before taking a swim in my glass of tea, right?  So, you guessed it--I had to ask the waitress to bring me a new glass of tea!  This time, her smile was a bit forced.

Soon, she brought me an entirely new burger, well cooked this time, including an entirely new serving of that nice potato salad.  Took a bite of the burger, and it was good.  Started to take a bite of the potato salad, but the kitchen had inadvertently kept my fork (which had been on my first plate) when they cooked that new burger to my liking.  By now, I don't think the waitress liked me very much, because I had to ask for another fork, sweetly explaining that my original one had been on my first plate.  She brought me another, but no smile this time.

I had the feeling that this little restaurant was glad when we left.  I wasn't trying to be difficult, really.  I merely wanted my burger un-raw, iced tea sans flies, and a utensil with which to eat their really good potato salad.

They didn't know me, thankfully, and will most likely never see my face at that restaurant again.  I should have caught on when I first saw all those paddles.  Not my cup of tea at all--no pun intended, of course.

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