Friday, February 10, 2012


Age 4, France
While rummaging through boxes in the basement, Clark brought up an envelope which contained some old family photos that had belonged to my aunt Irene (my mother's sister).  After her parents passed away, my cousin Kathy had sent them to my mom several years ago.

And there are others we found  in an envelope labeled with my name  after my mother moved to an assisted living facility.

Here are a few I'd like to share.

My mom and me in Petersburg, VA, 1950

My dad and me in my grandmother's yard
Stanley County, NC, 1950

Fourth birthday, in VA

I took ballet in France--do you see me?
Age 5, in front of a cathedral,
 St. Emilion, France

Age 6, France
Age 6, in beautiful public
flower gardens, France

Age 9 - school photo,
Bremerhaven, Germany

Age 14, summertime in Alaska
1936:  my mom, age 9

My dad, age 6 or 7
1920 or 1921

Do old photos bring forth fond memories for you?

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