Friday, May 20, 2011


We watched the show on TV last night, which has now been whittled down to Scotty and Lauren, two very talented and genuine young people.  Either one of them would be a great American Idol winner.  HOWEVER:

Scotty McCreery is from Garner, North Carolina, my hubby's hometown.  Both Clark and our son-in-law Philip graduated from Scotty's Garner Senior High, and the filming of his trip back home featured familiar landscape--the list could go on and on.  We lived in the Garner area (south Raleigh) for 15 years, and we still have family there. 
I haven't watched the show every week or every season, but for the past few seasons I really thought it was on its way out.  However, this year the talent has been spectacular--and the showmanship, judging, and coaching are, to my mind, the best they have ever been.  Sorry, Simon!

Ryan Seacrest always does a superb job at hosting the show, and the judges have actually had some constructive comments along the way (they were starting to say the same things over and over last year), if one disregards Stephen Tyler's bleeps.  Randy Jackson has given helpful advice, coined his signature statement, "in it to win it," while Jennifer Lopez and Stephen Tyler have also added some very good suggestions and comments.  They are real, down-to-earth celebrities who sincerely want to help these hopefuls.

All in all, American Idol has woven itself into the fabric of our culture.  Just like everyone knows the town of Mayberry and who Barney Fife is, Idol is discussed at the office, in doctors' waiting rooms, and even in the grocery store.  Whoever wins next week, I believe that the runner-up will also have a career down the line. 

I am personally pleased that these two were chosen by America, and I look forward to following their careers in the future!

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