Monday, October 4, 2010


To begin with, I am not going to mention how I plan to vote or tell you how to vote.  I simply want to urge all registered voters to cast informed votes next month in the midterm elections.  I will, however, give my personal criteria for choosing political candidates.

I find out all I can about those running for office, not only statewide, but also in my locale.  I have literally heard comments like these:   "He seems like a nice enough fella . . . maybe he'll do a better job than Sen. X."  Or, "Well, she sure had some good jokes at the fundraising dinner." 

In response to that kind of thinking, voting based upon personality or  speaking ability is far too risky--such surface skills are not necessarily those of true leadership and integrity. For incumbents, I check out their legislative records while in office; I look for how they voted on legislation and what they have been up to.  Then I choose those whose views most closely mirror my own. 

However, if it's time infuse the political process with some new blood,  then I also research the new candidates well.  I check out where they stand on the issues, searching for their honesty in personal and business dealings as well.  However, I don't let some really stupid youthful comment derail me from their stand on those issues.  After all, most of us have said some pretty dumb things.

Making intelligent, well-informed choices means that I know why I am voting for certain candidates, and also why I am not voting for others.  I want my choices to be based upon knowledge researched and checked beforehand.  As a Christian, I also seek for wisdom and guidance from the Lord in making those choices.

Today, more people are voting for candidates' stands and/or records, not just along party lines.  And, I might add, more people are truly involved in the political process, seeking out those candidates who are honest, trustworthy, and open.

Informed voting is far too crucial to allow emotionally-charged barbs--so often hurled during campaigns--to sway me from choosing my candidates, and it should never be a mere coin toss.  I love America, so I plan to vote for those candidates who exhibit exemplary leadership and character qualities, a love for our country, and a record of integrity. 

I urge you to do that as well.

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