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Welcome, readers!  Today is a very special interview with the talented dachshund, Shadow, who wrote an autobiographical tale in his first book, I AM SARGE.  I was privileged to get him here for a short while, as he is an extremely busy and sought-after canine personality.  Perhaps in another segment, we can have him answer readers' questions.

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MDH:  My dear Shadow, known as Sarge in your books, we are so glad you are able to join us today for this informal chat.  We know you stay busy with your family, friends, and promotional activities.  What have you been up to lately?

SHADOW:  Thank you for the honor.  Besides personal appearances, I do whatever I can to promote "my" book.  Seems that a lot of dog lovers out there haven't yet heard of I AM SARGE.

MDH:  Well, then . . . here's your golden opportunity.  What would you like to say to your audience of humans--those who already know you as well as prospective new readers?

SARGE:  If you are a dog lover in general, and a dachshund lover in particular, then this is "the" book for you!  I know, I know--I've said that over and over, but it is true.  People often don't realize just how much we canines understand in the scheme of things.  Read my book and you'll be quite surprised at what WE know about YOU.

MDH:  I understand that your second book, I AM DACHSHUND, the sequel to I AM SARGE, is awaiting publication.  Share a little about that with your readers.

SARGE:  I am thrilled to do so.  I have been waiting for the release of I AM DACHSHUND for over two years now, but waiting is the name of the game in publishing, I'm told.  Some of my friends are starting to think that I don't really have a book coming out at all! 

Anyway, in this new book, my family members are prominent characters once again.  I also meet new people, have new experiences, and share more of Papa Duke's entertaining stories. 

In I AM SARGE, folks seemed to enjoy the fence story, the Purple Heart story, and the fishing story; in I AM DACHSHUND, Papa relates even more outlandish escapades, notably his encounter with alligators, and another war story involving haystacks.  I accompanied him and Grandma on a trip to visit Sellars and Renata in Georgia.  Now THAT was quite an experience!

MDH:  You mention Papa Duke quite often.  Tell us a little about him.

SARGE:  I regret to say that I never had the blessing of meeting Papa Duke, although I've heard about him all my life.  The entire family misses him since he passed away in 2000, so I thought my books would be a wonderful way to keep his memory alive.  Besides, the three great grandchildren never got to meet this wonderful man, either, and they love hearing stories about him like I do.  So--why not write them down as a tribute to what he meant to all my family?

MDH:  That sounds like a wonderful way to remember someone so special to you.  Who would you say is your favorite character in your books?

SARGE:  That is a tough one, but it would HAVE to be Papa Duke.  I love my "parents," Philip and Holly, who adopted me when I was a young pup.  I love my two "sisters," Annika and Alexa, although they've pulled my ears more times than I have toes to count, and my new "brother," Asher . . . hmmm . . . and I love my "Aunt" Bethany and "Uncle" Kurt, Clark and Mavis, Grandma Duke, of course . . . but Papa adored my breed and dogs in general--and they loved him, I'm told--he so enjoyed sneaking "people food" to them.  As a chow hound myself, I know he and I would have hit it off right away.  What dog wouldn't love a human like Papa Duke??

All the characters in my books are real people and real animals, you know.  In some cases, I've had to change the time frame in order to make things work, so to speak, and I've changed a few names as well, but my tale is 95% true.  The writer in me did gild the lily a time or two (laughs).

MDH:  Well, for my part, your book was fascinating reading, and I look forward to reading I AM DACHSHUND as well.  I regret that we must bring this interview to a close since you have another engagement, but thank you for joining us today.  We'll do this again soon, especially when you have a release date for your new book. 

Perhaps readers out there have questions for you.  If so, they can leave a comment below this post, and the next time you join us, perhaps you would be so kind to answer some of them.  Meanwhile, keep on promoting your story--dog lovers out there will buy it when they know it is available.  By the way, where can readers purchase I AM SARGE?

SARGE:  Readers can Google my title online and see what pops up--there are dozens of websites selling it, like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-million, Christianbook, etc.  It is available on Amazon's Kindle, too.  Even local bookstores will order it for them if it is not available on the shelves.  Thank you so much for having me today.  PLEASE BUY MY BOOK, PEOPLE!

MDH:  Er . . . thanks.  With that quite flamboyant marketing ploy, we will sign off.  Farewell, readers.

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