Thursday, August 26, 2010


These days, most colleges have distance learning programs available, and now a large number of elementary and secondary schools do as well.  More and more families are opting for the homeschool approach, often in conjunction with distance learning schools such as Sycamore.

I greatly enjoy teaching English 7 - 12 at Sycamore, and I want to feature it today. 

If you are thinking of involving your child in a cutting edge education, I invite you to peruse Sycamore's website.


Do you live in a remote area where access to schools is difficult, but desire a quality education for your child? Or, you are homeschooling, but seek additional courses to supplement your child's education?

Students do their work on the computer each day and send it to our office by e-mail. All grading and tracking will be done by our teachers. Just think--no lesson plans, no grading, no hassle! Enrollments are accepted at any time during the school year--even for high school students.

Your students will be using the award-winning Switched-On-Schoolhouse curriculum which utilizes computer graphics, games, videos, and educational links as tools to enhance your child's motivation and learning.

Credentialed teachers grade your student's work and respond with personalized academic assistance. We offer official transcripts and a high school diploma through our online school. You may also use a combination of traditional curriculum and the online school.

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