Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Waiting for something or someone has never been my strong suit.  One learns patience through waiting, albeit by kicking and screaming at times.  Moi?  I detest waiting for someone who is late to a meeting, a lunch date, or an appointment.  To me, it is like the "latee" has absolutely no regard for the precious time which others have invested.  Oh, sometimes lateness is unavoidable, and for that, I also plead guilty.  A flat tire, a last-minute phone call as one is poised to go out the door, or a sudden downpour all excuse lateness in my mind.

The publishing business also has its share in the waiting game.  When I first embarked on writing my second novel, I was told by insiders that a one- or two-year wait was the norm for a book to be released.  I scoffed, pointing out that my first novel came out in less than a year!  Here I am, however, two years and one month later, still waiting for that second novel to be released.

Some family members as well as friends are quizzical--they are wondering if I really DO have a book waiting to see the light of day!  Yes, of course.  As the manuscript sits in cyberspace somewhere, it is getting seasoned and aged, becoming all the better with the wait time . . . NOT.  I am merely attempting a bit of humor in this humdrum waiting stance.  My publisher has gone through a couple of difficulties during this wait, so blame is not assigned there.  That is not to say that the wait has been any easier, as fellow authors in the same boat are also straining at the gates, wanting their books released.

What to do?  Well, in a word, WAIT.  The books by my publisher are good, and they are released regularly--my turn will eventually come.  The Lord knows my situation, He is in control, and oftentimes, He also requires me to wait for answers to prayers.  Waiting is part of the human condition.  Do I like it?  No.  Do I welcome it?  No.  Do I always understand why I must wait, when others seemingly truck right along?  No. 

However, I have learned over the years that MY timing is not always God's timing.  Knowing the entire situation from beginning to end, God's timing is based upon His love for me, His wisdom, and His grace.  Therefore, in waiting, I lean on Him, trust Him, and realize that He has never yet let me down. 

Still a work in progress when it comes to waiting, and although I truly believe Isaiah 40:31, this writer has had to "learn that lesson" several times over the years. 

I espouse "PBPWMBGIFWMY.*"  Have you ever seen this button worn by someone? 

*Please be patient with me because God isn't finished with me yet."

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