Thursday, February 18, 2021


I've often said that doxies are masters of the stink eye. You might call it something else, but below are some classic examples of what I'm talking about! I put some of these photos on my Facebook page, and someone asked, "Why do doxies do that?" Any doxie pawrent knows, and knows resoundingly: they do it to show us their displeasure about something they didn't get, like a toy, a treat, or a snack. They also want us to know that they aren't happy with something, such as lack of attention when another dog or person is the center of attention. Without further ado, here are today's classic examples of stink eye:
These doxies are something, aren't they? It's hard not to smile, because you can really tell what they're thinking--right, doxie lovers?

Catch you next time.

Monday, February 8, 2021


 So . . . readers have noticed that I had quite a hiatus from this blog for the past year. Thankfully, nobody in my family has had covid (YET), but during the lockdowns, I spent too much time on my smartphone and thus developed tendonitis on my right hand. My bad. The ortho doctor said to wear a brace and refrain from using that hand for several weeks. So I also (1) didn't have much to write about, and (2) I couldn't write about it, anyway! That scenario led to boredom, boredom led to sleepiness, and that led to a lack of motivation on my part. 

So, since my tendon is better now (but not perfect), I won't require surgery, but I still have to be careful. I never use my smartphone now without using the brace AND the phone pillow my hubby bought me to relieve the strain on my hand. Both help tremendously!

What have I been up to in the meantime? Not a lot--just keeping the house immaculate, watching interesting documentaries, and cooking. We do get together with our daughter and family who live nearby, and we do attend church (with masks, social distancing, and hand washing, of course). Hubby and I also eat out about once a week in selected restaurants who practice a great degree of sanitation and social distancing of customers. We recently went to a restaurant that was packed and not a mask in sight! 

Life is still good, however. I haven't yet been able to get the covid vaccine because it is scarce in our area, but I will eventually. My hubby got his through the VA, so he's good.

I plan to start blogging more regularly again, so until next time, be safe and take care, doxie lovers!

This was me during lockdown

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