Friday, July 28, 2017


Dear friends,
Duke is no better this morning, and there's nothing further that can be done to help him, so we have chosen to send him over the rainbow bridge.He has much more swelling bc of internal bleeding, heart rate is up, his breathing more labored, no platelets forming.

More transfusions to "build him up" would only make him swell more, suffer more. So, as hard as it is, we don't want our beautiful boy to suffer further. I wish you could have known him and known his great personality!

We'll be at UGA by his side around 12 - 12:30 to hug him one last time and day good-bye. We'll have a family ceremony at home, and bury him on the little hill across our creek, beside his buddy Shadow.

Thanks for everything. My heart is too full to say more right now. God is good, even in the midst of deeply painful things.

Dachshunds . . . we always love them, even when they cross the rainbow bridge.

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