Thursday, November 10, 2016


Today, my November thankfulness post is about my health: I am VERY thankful for it, especially since I am getting older now. My birthday is this month, too!

Image result for knee replacement scar
Not my knee
The only major surgery I've ever had was my two knee replacements in 2014. Granted, they were doozies, but the knees are a godsend and are working fine with no complications. I am so thankful for medical technology that has allowed me to lead a normal life! I might add that Duke my doxie (with my hubby's help, of course) was a wonderful nurse, staying by my side all the time. He gave me lots of doggie kisses because he knew I was in pain. How sweet is that?

Others have had it far worse than I have, and the ability to walk normally, do whatever I want (I never did climb Mt. Everest, though), is a real blessing.

Those of us with knee replacements are told not to run, though. Drat it! NOT. Fast walking is enough for this grandma, LOL!

There are tons of other things I'm thankful for, but I'll refrain for now and save them for other posts.


Duke, my "nurse" (among other things)

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