Friday, July 24, 2015


Every day, another scandal or another murder/terrorist attack/massacre occurs in America. People are scratching their heads: why is so much more bad happening or coming out right now?

I am burdened for America--God is trying to get America's attention. We see all the corruption and evil in high places; society as a whole seeks pleasure, entertainment, wealth, self gratification in ever more ungodly ways. We've "sanitized" our lives of Him and replaced Him with things and actions that are superficial at best and evil at worst.

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If you, like me, care about America, we must first realize that, although we Christians are just passing through this life on the way to our eternal home, we must serve Him and spread the gospel here. We must seek Him first individually, and repent of our sins as a nation.

I put myself in the category of needing to cry out to God, seeking Him more than ever before, asking Him to use me for His glory. Will you join me?

I share all this from a broken and contrite heart. I have taken God's blessings for granted far too long. It's time to pray harder, go longer, speak out louder, and share His love greater. Together, God's army can make a difference, one soul at a time. I  

God promises to heal our land if CHRISTIANS pray and repent--not the world out there. All these terrible things are happening "on our watch," so to speak. The time has come that we become better citizens, not only of this country, but most importantly, of His kingdom.

2 Chronicles 7:14 is the clarion call to repentance--it is not too late, but I truly believe time is short.

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