Thursday, June 4, 2015


Dear Blog,

I know you thought I had forgotten you, but I haven't--have just been extremely busy!  The grandchildren are with us this week attending our church's VBS every morning, and we do something special with them every afternoon.  Their parents are coming tomorrow afternoon and we'll all go out to dinner together before attending the VBS program tomorrow night, followed by an ice cream social.

Duke has been sooooo happy to have them here!  He' just having a chasing good time daily, playing with them.

Here are some photos to "prove" how busy I've been:

Duke barking at Annika riding her bike
Annika riding her bike

Alexa reading with Duke in

Asher swimming at local pool

Asher doing a VBS craft

Asher swinging in backyard

Reading an exciting book with them:  Campbell's Soup Cookbook!

Three munchkins at the pool

Opening session of singing at VBS

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