Monday, October 27, 2014


The winners



Our town's fall festival was a hit on Saturday, with our daughter Holly, SIL Philip, the grandchildren, and their good friend Janet visiting us--we all then attended the festival, which was only a half mile from our house.  Janet, a creative individual extraordinaire, made the Halloween costumes for Holly, the grands, and herself:  I will explain below why I mention that tidbit.

Ta da!  Janet won 3rd place for her pirate costume; Holly and granddaughter Alexa won 2nd, and our other granddaughter Annika won FIRST PLACE!  Asher, our little grandson, was dressed as a Transformer, and although he didn't win any ribbons, he didn't care--he got candy and coupons for ice cream for just entering!   Several little boys had the same costume as Asher's, by the way.

We enjoyed the contests, which also included a dog costume contest.  Wish we had taken some photos of those:  one family had three dachshunds!  The red long-haired one was dressed as a cowboy, complete with jeans (and that wagging tail sticking out the back was so cute) and a cowboy hat!  Another black-and-tan doxie (who looked a lot like our Duke) was dressed as a bat, with big wings.  A large "golden-doodle" (cross between a golden retriever and a poodle) was solid white with curly fur, and he was simply wearing a black top hat and a black bowtie--very elegant.  A very tiny dog was dressed as a fairy, a large black dog was dressed as a green crayon.  This small town festival so very family friendly and so much fun!

The children enjoyed the inflatables and the food, of course.  My daughter and I enjoyed touring the retail booths, and we both bought ourselves a scarf.  The weather was a perfect 72 degrees and sunny all day. 

All in all, it was a perfect day, and the festival was so much fun, filled with family-friendly, wholesome fun:  inflatables, food, live music, interesting items for sale, costumes, hay rides, train rides--and we made lots of good memories with the grandchildren.

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