Monday, August 25, 2014


I love this photo because it embodies the general attitude of doxies.  They will injure themselves to prevent being outdone by anyone or anything!

Little dogs with big attitudes, as they are often called, but I love them anyway.  I have friends who have dogs of different breeds, and there is a night-and-day difference in the way those dogs view life and the way dachshunds do.

Dachshunds are up for any challenge; they always want to see what their humans are up to (in case it involves FOOD); and they have a strong sense of play.  After all, dachshunds are downright comical sometimes--and they know what they're doing.

"Regular" dogs just lie around, never take an interest in their surroundings or what their humans are doing.  Who wants a dog like that??  I certainly don't.

Dachshunds--you gotta love 'em.

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