Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Sometimes our pets don't behave, sometimes they don't do what we want, and sometimes they just make a mess.  This is also true for children, and we don't consider ridding ourselves of THEM, do we??

So it goes with pets.  I dread the day when our doxie Duke will no longer be with us, because he brings so much life, joy, and companionship to our home.  We know he loves us, and he usually puts up with these two decrepit people who sometimes don't want to play, rub his ears, or go outside and watch him chase a squirrel (or a fox, or a coyote, or a deer, which we've seen thus far in our new place--or it might have been a wolf instead of a coyote, though).

His positives far outweigh his negatives, let me tell you.  Recently, Clark was out of town for four days, and it was such a blessing to have Duke in the house--it didn't seem TOO lonely with him here.  He stayed by my side (that is, after the first day, when he watched for Clark all day and barked at every itty bitty noise!).  It was like he knew I needed taking care of. 

Dogs are people, too (or so they think, anyway).

Duke chasing leaves:  we have millions!

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