Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Below is Duke the day we adopted him at eight weeks old:
Who could resist that face, I ask??

When we went to the doxie farm where he was born, there were about a hundred dachshunds running around the property.  As we entered the gate, all of them came toward us, barking and wagging their tails.  Clark commented to the breeder that she certainly didn't need an alarm system!  She said that was why she lived out in the country, because city folks would not tolerate all those loud dogs (and we all know how loud one doxie can be).

I reached out my hand, and at least fifty tongues started licking it!  I was impressed that not one dog nipped at us, snarled, or growled.  I said as much, and she stated that she simply did not allow snippy dogs!  She was definitely the pack leader, too.  Carrying a large stick similar to a shepherd's staff, she hit the sidewalk with it twice--and all barking ceased immediately.  We were amazed, because we have a hard time just getting Duke to hush now when the doorbell rings!

As we went up the steps and onto the deck, we were followed by an entourage of wagging tails and a chorus of barking once again.  She pounded the deck twice with her staff, and silence reigned immediately.  Once inside, she showed us several enclosures of mama dachshunds with their babies, and they were all so cute.  I wanted a black-and-tan male like our granddawg Shadow, and she said she had one left, so she took us over to the mama who had him.  She handed the little puppy to me, and he immediately wet my hand--but I was hooked!  Duke came home with us a little while later.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

One other outstanding thing we noticed:  since it was August, and we'd had an extremely hot summer that year, I asked if the heat had affected her dogs.  "When it gets too hot, I just bring them all inside the house," she replied calmly. "They are allowed in if they behave properly; banished dogs have to stay on the deck, and believe me, they don't enjoy looking in through the sliding glass doors, seeing all their friends lolling about on the furniture, while they have to sit outside."

 Her home was dog friendly--tile floors, comfortable furniture, but conspicuously clean.  Two dogs were lounging about on her bed, too.   A widow, she told us that very good dogs got to sleep on her bed, and "last night, I had seven dogs sleeping with me!"  That might sound horrible to a non-doxie lover, but we thought it was . . . well, amazing, for lack of a better word.  She obviously loved every one of her dogs, treated them well, having a well-earned distinction as an AKC-recognized  breeder.

Duke has turned out to be a wonderful and charming pet who has us wrapped around his little paw.  We wouldn't have it any other way, either.
King of the castle at 3 months

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