Thursday, September 22, 2011


 This post is not about endorsing anyone, but even for curious Democrats who plan to vote Democratic, it is about our responsibility as citizens to know what all candidates stand for and what their aspirations are if one of them does get elected. 

If you don't plan to vote Republican, you probably won't be interested in anything the Republican candidates have to say in this debate tonight, aired from Florida by Fox News and Google.  It's also interactive, with youtube getting in on the action.

If you are an independent (a.k.a. swing) voter or a staunch Republican, it is equally important that you watch, listen, and calculate which candidate most nearly mirrors your own values and ideology.  All of these candidates fiercely want to become the next U.S. president, and all bring different things to the table.  We've seen what President Obama stands for, so it's important to find out which of the Republican candidates is the best choice for leading this country in 2012.

The political pundits are all over the page regarding the Republican candidates.  Will Sarah run?  Will Gov. Christie run?  My question is this:  who will be the best candidate to lead this country out of its current woes?  Don't give me "Well, I don't know much about politics," or "I don't keep up with presidential candidates" or "I probably won't vote, anyway" baloney.  And it's a bit early to rely very much on the polls--they can change overnight.  Good citizens take presidential elections seriously, and our country is in a serious situation right now. 

The 2012 election will have long-term consequences, and it behooves us as citizens to do our part by informed voting.  What are their positions (and these are in no particular order) on the economy and jobs, immigration, federal spending, big government, entitlement reform, abortion on demand, foreign policy, and many others.  I happen to feel strongly about the aforementioned items, and I'm doing all I can to determine which candidate is best, in my humble opinion, for this country.

For whom will I vote?  I honestly don't know right now.  I'm watching, listening, and researching past experience, their stand on the issues I believe are important, and evaluating who will be best, not only to lead our great country, but to handle the global stage in today's shrinking world.

And, last but foremost, I've been praying for wisdom from God.  That is of utmost importance in choosing the right leader for America.

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