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We are pleased to welcome back to this blog our premier guest,  Shadow, the dachshund "author."  His latest book, I AM DACHSHUND, where he also sports his pen name Sarge, was just released a few weeks ago, and we're looking forward to what he's going to share with us about that. 

Well, how does it feel to have TWO books under your belt now?

SHADOW THE DOXIE:  Thank you, although I've never actually worn a belt--I have a collar, though--does that count? (chuckles)

MDH:  Just a figure of speech, my boy.  I understand that I AM DACHSHUND has been the buzz in the dog lovers' community these days. 

SHADOW THE DOXIE:  People are actually stopping me on the sidewalk as I take my afternoon exercise!  They're wanting to know where they can purchase this book, will I autograph it, and how many Papa Duke stories are in this one.

MDH:  Well then, why don't you share that information right here with out readers?  I am sure there are dog lovers out there who are wondering the same thing! 

SHADOW THE DOXIE:  I AM DACHSHUND is available all over the web:  Amazon, Target, Christianbook, Family Audio Library, OakTara Publishing--to name a few.  Bookstores these days have limited shelf space, although they will gladly order my book if you don't see it on their shelves.  I'm not quite as famous as those well-known authors who have their books featured in bookstore windows, I'm afraid.  The premier doxie site on the web,, is featuring I AM DACHSHUND as their Book of the Month for July.  Hurry on over there and check out everything dachshund, then read their very flattering review.

MDH:  Give it time.  It takes awhile to get the word out, you know.  Tell us a little about this new book. 

SHADOW THE DOXIE:  I have some new and very entertaining stories from Papa Duke--in fact, one of them is not even about Papa getting into one of his famous "fixes" (that's Southern for "difficulties").  Also, my new doxie friend Duke is introduced, but I've had to teach him a thing or two about the world out there.  I also gain a new human sister as well.  That's all I'm sharing--buy the book, people!

MDH:  We have a few readers' questions for you today.  Ronald from Raleigh, NC, asks:  "Is there as much food mentioned in this book as in the first one?  I began starving every time I picked up that book!"

SHADOW THE DOXIE:  Oh yes!  In my family, food is practically one of the family members, so I write about a New Year's open house party, birthday cookouts, and I also visit Sellars and Renata in Georgia with Grandma and Papa.  Sellars and Papa take me to a VFW cookout and I sample my first barbequed ribs.  Oh my . . . falling-off-the-bone tender meat . . . tangy sauce . . . (licking his lips)

MDH:  Hmmm . . . are you okay?

SHADOW THE DOXIE:  Huh?  What?  Er, sorry!  I was just zoning out thinking about those paw-lickin' good ribs I had that day.  Perhaps we'd better change the subject.  Now I'm getting hungry myself!

MDH:  Gladly.  Jeannine in Lynchburg, VA, asks if you have to wear anything in I AM DACHSHUND like your hat and coat that Holly made for you in the first book.  You weren't too thrilled with them, although everyone else admired your "look."

SHADOW THE DOXIE:  Ahhhh.  Now that tidbit is reserved for those who read this book!  Can't give away that sort of thing this time. 

MDH:  What sorts of things are you doing to promote this book?

SHADOW THE DOXIE:  I put in as many appearances and I can at dog events, such as those rescue organization wiener roasts--sounds painful, but they are roasting HOT DOGS, not dachshunds.  I'm hoping for another shot at a commercial--remember, recently I starred in a dog food commercial in the UK.  It has been successful.  My agent has contacted Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, to see if he and I can come up with something mutually beneficial to both of us.  Perhaps Cesar would feature me as an example to other dogs and their owners.  I'm not a problem dog, you know!  Oh, I like to bark now and then, but none of that bad stuff that some dogs seem bent on doing.

MDH:  What a grand idea.  Let us know if that happens, because millions tune in to The Dog Whisperer.  What great exposure for you!

SHADOW THE DOXIE:  Oh, that's still tentative.  Haven't heard anything back yet.

MDH:  We wish you the best with I AM DACHSHUND.  Oh, before I forget:  is there another book in the works?

SHADOW THE DOXIE:  Yes, in fact.  I'm working on Book 3, entitled DACHSHUNDS FOREVER.  My lil' buddy is coming right along, so I might allow him a chance to say a few words in it.  This book is a WIP right now.

MDH:  Folks, pick up a copy of I AM DACHSHUND and see if you also get hungry as you read--I hear there's some good Southern food to be read about!  Signing off for today, and we thank you for joining us.

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