Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Duke, You're Quite A Dawg

Duke has been, and still is, a wonderful companion to our family.  We got him from a reputable breeder out in the country where our daughter and son-in-law found Shadow.   When Shadow and family moved out of state, we realized that we needed our own doxie to love, so voila!  We searched and found this precocious, comical, and loving "hot dog." 

 Duke as a puppy

Duke will be three this month, and I cannot imagine how we made it without a doxie in the house.  He's a bed hog, a toy lover (although he MUST kill all stuffed toys), and doggie kiss dispenser.  And did I mention how loudly he barks??  That's a normal trait for dachshunds--they think they are large dogs, anyway.

With a huge heart for people, Duke is always ready to play with our little grandchildren (unless he's napping, of course).  He's also a ready-made lap warmer in the evenings.  Featured in the as-yet-unpublished I AM DACHSHUND, he and Shadow have quite a few shenanigans going. 

You are quite a dawg, Duke!

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