Friday, August 30, 2019


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Enjoy the waning days of summer--but fall is approaching! That's my favorite time of year, so be prepared for lots of beautiful fall pictures coming soon.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019


I've always said that doxies watch everything, and are very aware of their surroundings. Much of that comes from their ancestry, being bred to hunt badgers and small game such as rabbits and squirrels, so it just stands to reason that they're still that way with us humans. They notice anything and everything--even imaginary things (at least, imaginary to us humans). Part of their awareness comes from their super sensitive noses, so they pick up scents we aren't even aware of. When I used to take my doxie Duke outside to do his business, he'd "track" something that had walked through our yard, be it the neighbor's cat or the occasional coyote. You can't hide from them, either--they can smell where you are!

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"Here fishy fishy!"

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"Where'd you come from?"

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"Hi . . . remember me??"

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em!

Monday, August 26, 2019


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You can tell when a dog is judging you--and doxies do that all the time! They watch us like hawks, get disgusted with us if we are too dumb to know what they want, and try to grab our food if we're not on guard. Sad when your dog is smarter than you are!

Dachshunds are merely a nose with legs, I always say!

You gotta love 'em.

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

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"Well, lookie here--you're a cute little feller.
Are you real?"
That huge dog has no idea that the doxie would take him on without batting an eye!

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em!

Friday, August 9, 2019


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In fact, most dog breeds are. They can sense something in people that we often cannot--but they can be swayed by their noses. For instance, if a person own a cat, the dog will pick up on that and might automatically growl at him/her. Nevertheless, I'll trust a dog in the character department most of the time, especially one in the family. THEY JUST KNOW.

Happy Friday, doxie lovers! Have a fabulous weekend!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Ah, those doxie eyes . . . they know how to use them, too. HOWEVER, they also know how to convey their feelings through those beautiful eyes God gave them. In this photo below, the sweet pup is showing Daddy (or another male human) how much he is loved. Don't you love it?

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And here's another doxie using his/her eyes, but for an entirely different reason:

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"My dear human, any food you
eat is supposed to be shared with ME"
And we all know they can convey their opinions quite readily:

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"You've absolutely RUINED
my hair!!"

The rolling of the eyes HAD to be invented by doxies!

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They all think everything is THEIRS!

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em, eyes and all. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 5, 2019


Below are some cute doxie flowers for your garden, complete with the pot. What I want to know is this: how did the photographer manage to keep them all still and in the pot, keeping those flower hats on them while he/she took this photo? I'm impressed!

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The cute doxie below just wants to give Mama some daisies:

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And this next doxie has chosen to wear her flowers herself:

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Doxies and flowers are great pairs! Happy Monday to you!

Friday, August 2, 2019


It seems that dachshunds always manage to get in on the latest fashion trends, and they carry it off with moxie. Below are some interesting specimens of doxies doing just that--and I think they're adorable, don't you?

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"Who is that celebrity behind those shades?"

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Ready for a formal event in his cute tux

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And let's not forget the females in this
whimsical painting reminiscent of the 1800s

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em! Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend!

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