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Thursday, December 14, 2017


After our doxie Duke passed in July, I said I wouldn't write any more about his death. I had documented his last days and our struggle with not knowing how sick he was while in the veterinary hospital an hour away. Each day when we talked with the doctor there by phone, she kept reassuring us that he would be okay, that the meds would eventually work. When we finally got to see him after he'd been there for four or five days, we were shocked at how swollen he was. The meds WEREN'T working at all. They were merely pumping him full of further meds and blood transfusions, thus making it harder and harder for him to breathe. In fact, he was on oxygen, and they didn't even tell us!

I said all that to say this: after a few weeks, I was able to carry on without my constant doggie companion of ten years. The pain was excruciating, with those mental images of him that last time we saw him alive, lying there swollen, not even looking like our dog. He had weakly turned his head toward us, weakly wagged his tail in acknowledgment, and put his head back down because he had used up his strength. We had to make the decision to let him go, and did so the next afternoon. We were with him until his final breath.

Those terrible memories have been dormant in my mind; I had not allowed myself to dwell on them because I wanted to move on, to be at peace, to forget the pain of his loss. Great idea, right? Well, this morning as I checked Facebook, where I am in a number of doxie groups, I was attempting to find the words to console a lady who had just lost her doxie. In his picture, her dog looked so much like Duke! As I typed my words of comfort to her, all that pain and sorrow over Duke came roaring back: his agony at the end, our disbelief he had to go, the excruciating pain of loss. I found myself crying, surprising myself. It was supposed to get better by now--he died July 28, and it's been nearly five months.  And it has, for the most part. I've had moments of yearning to hold him in my lap, stroking his ears like I used to, but I'd quickly put that out of mind and turn to something else. But as you know, those of you who've lost a "soul pet," it isn't that simple. Much like the loss of a human family member, the grief over the loss of a very close pet companion cannot be timed. I couldn't decide that my grief was over, voila. So those moments of remembrance come roaring back without warning, and we just have to live through them. This was the first time since those first terrible weeks of loss that I actually lost it. Yes, I had a meltdown. I was home by myself (Clark substitute teaches most days), and Duke's memories were just too strong, so they manifested themselves by the tears flowing. Perhaps this was a cleansing moment--even now as I type this post a couple of hours later, I still feel the sadness of his loss. I know I'll be okay in time, but it isn't easy.

If you have experienced such a loss or are going through something like that right now, my heart goes out to you. It's not that I don't have a blessed life and a wonderful family. It's just that I'm missing a piece of my heart, and although I thought it had healed, apparently it hasn't done so fully. Duke was my furry friend who was far more than "just a dog." He was a fur child, a full-fledged family member, just like Shadow was to our daughter Holly and family.

Thanks for reading this far (if you have). I had to "get it out," and it has helped. We still don't want another dog and perhaps never will get one. I want Duke back. I want HIS companionship. I want HIS silly shenanigans. I want to play tug-of-war with HIM. My mind knows that's not possible, but my heart still wishes for his return--healthy, happy, and ready to be his sweet self again.

Good-by again, Duke. You were (and still are) one in a million who cannot ever be replaced. Your ten years with us brought such joy and fun. Thank you for that, and rest in peace. Love doesn't die just because you did.

Our daughter Bethany took this picture of Duke
last Christmas. Little did we know what the next
year would bring. He was beautiful, wasn't he?

Monday, December 11, 2017


My hubby Clark and I are slowly getting over our "Christmas cold." We went to the doctor on Friday: alas, no flu, but we got antibiotics in case it was bacterial. As you probably know, if we have a virus, antibiotics won't work on that. No blood tests, so we don't know--we'll just trudge along, taking the med and hope for the best.

No fever now, throat is a lot better, congestion is somewhat better, but still coughing like crazy. I've been sick for over two weeks now, Clark for nearly two weeks. This is getting old!! Just thankful we're retired and don't have to explain to a boss how sick we are on a daily basis.

In any case, you probably tired of hearing about our illness, so how about some cute doxies, right? There are so many cute pictures I've seen, it's hard for me to choose which ones to share here. Enjoy them below, and enjoy your holidays. We will hopefully attend our grandchildren's Christmas program at their church this coming Sunday evening, Dec. 17. Kinda tired of being a hermit.

Image may contain: dog and text

Image may contain: dog

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Dapple darling

Image may contain: text

Image may contain: dog
Itty bitty santa claws

Merry Christmas ~ enjoy each day fully.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Image result for sick with a cold

It is finally feeling like winter here in North Georgia. Today is a cold, drizzly day, and we will even see temps dip below freezing a few nights this week. Believe me, that's cold for this area of the country!

Image result for sick with a cold
Along with that, several family members have been fighting respiratory issues--one granddaughter even had strep throat! I have been sick for nearly two weeks with head and bronchial congestion, coughing, runny/stuffy nose, and generally feeling yucky all over. I can't hear well, either, because of my ears being swollen inside. I've guarded against ear infections, because those things are nasty--I've even had an eardrum to burst years ago because of infection. Not planning on that happening again, because it was extremely painful, and my hearing didn't return for weeks. You can imagine how much fun it was teaching, when I couldn't hear what students said or if they said anything!

In any case, 'tis the season to be jolly, so I'm doing my best. I haven't gotten out much at all, so I almost feel like a recluse. I don't want to spread my germs around in respect for those out there with compromised immune systems. They don't need this! Nor do they want it.

Now, to change the subject: have you decorated for the holidays yet? Guess what--I haven't, because I really haven't felt like it. Clark is a little congested, too, so neither of us feels like dealing with those boxes of Christmas decorations! I would like to get the tree up, at least. We have a small, four-foot tree, which is prelighted and we've left the decorations on it for the past two years. Clark just puts one of those large leaf and lawn bags over it and sets it in the storage building, all set for the next year. All it takes to put it up is to plug it in and fluff up the branches a bit (after removing the plastic bag, of course). I set it on a table in one of the front windows, so from outside, it looks like a tall tree. Last year, Clark put lights and wreaths on the front of the house, but I don't think he will this year. It is a lot of work, especially as one gets older.

I usually decorate the mantel with our Christmas stockings, garland, lights, and Christmas candles, mugs, and angels. I also usually put my Christmas tablecloth and napkins on the dining room table, put decorative Christmas stockings in each window, adorn the grandfather clock with a Santa hat and green garland, put out my Christmas placemats on the table in the breakfast nook, use my Christmas dish towels and potholders, and hang various and sundry Christmas wreaths around inside. I also have a ceramic lighted Christmas village I usually place on one of the tables, along with fake snow, a musical pair of carolers dressed in vintage clothing, and a Christmas doll. We'll see how far I get in decorating by the time the family comes for Christmas! I would like to get some of it up . . .

This year, we adults in the family are merely going to exchange gift cards, (1) because it's easier, and they are always the right color, sized, etc.; (2) you can buy more for the same amount of money AFTER Christmas with all the post-holiday sales; (3) we plan to give actual gifts to the grandchildren, since they have already sent us a list of things they'd like.

Our family celebrates the true meaning of Christmas, which is Christ's birth. I love the Christmas story of His birth in Luke 2, and I never tire of hearing it. Our daughter Holly and her hubby Philip continue that tradition with the grandchildren. God has blessed us all abundantly, and we want to honor His son for His birth.

Christmas is a special season, and I love all the accoutrements of it. May you enjoy yours as well, doxie lovers. Neither Duke no Shadow will be with us this year, but Bruno and Sunny will. I'm sure they'll enjoy trying to steal a few bits of our food. Duke and Shadow would be proud.

Merry Christmas, doxie lovers!

Monday, December 4, 2017


Image may contain: one or more people
A sausage stocking stuffer. or a stuffed
sausage in a stocking??
Image may contain: hat, dog and text

Image may contain: outdoor
By artist Terry Pond

Image may contain: dog and indoor
Santa Paws!


And never forget . . .

Friday, December 1, 2017


I love everything about Christmas, and I suspect that doxies do, too. They smell all those heavenly dishes we're cooking in the kitchen; they see all the decorations we put up (Oh boy! More stuff to get into!); and they see us wrapping presents (Are all those for ME?).

Here are some really cute Christmas doxies. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas, doxie lovers!

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